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H E L L O   F R I E N D S

Welcome to Little Bird Blog! My name is Julia and I am a mama to a precious one year old. I’m also expecting #2 in January 2018. I am a writer, Doula, birth photographer, fiancee and mother. For a long time I had been in a negative state of mind due to personal & life circumstances. Before this, writing had been a passion of mine. It wasn’t until the birth of my son that the old flame inside of me had been ignited and I was finally passionate about life again.

In this space I share my own personal journey through motherhood, I use my writing as an emotional and creative outlet and I write about how I see the world. Motherhood is a beautiful, hard, rewarding journey that should not be done alone. I hope to use these words to inspire other mothers alike around the world. You can check out my business, Little Bird Birth Services, to follow along through my Doula and Birth Photography journey.

Hope you enjoy